Nissan Check Engine Light Service Tampa FL

Why Is My Nissan's Check Engine Light On Or Flashing?

You are driving down the road and all of a sudden, the dreaded check engine light comes on. Is it the sign of a major issue with your vehicle? Sometimes, it's not, and could be an indication of a minor item that needs to be inspected; there's no need to panic or call for assistance to have your vehicle towed. It could be something as clear as the gas cap not being screwed on correctly, a missed oil change, or something more serious like a harsh problem with your engine. Simply bring it by to Courtesy Nissan of Tampa and let us diagnose the problem for you! With our check engine light diagnosis, we'll take a notice at various components of your vehicle and recommend repairs only if needed, so you can avoid wasting money on a maintenance or repair item that you really don't need to spend money on. While there's a chance that the check engine light is indicating a minor situation, if it is accompanied by a more harsh warning sign like smoke coming from the engine, a hasty loss of power, a burning smell, or the like, stop driving the vehicle and bring it in to Courtesy Nissan immediately for repairs and maintenance.

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Experience, value and trust are the name of the game at Courtesy Nissan, where you'll always get the highest level of service attainable for your Nissan. With the most high-tech diagnostic tools accessible, the team at Courtesy Nissan of Tampa can determine the exact cause of your check engine light - you owe it to yourself to stop by and trust our experienced team! Your Nissan is valuable, and so is your money - Courtesy Nissan and its team of highly-trained technicians understand that and are here to help with any vehicle needs you may have. Don't panic about your check engine light coming on; wherever you are in Tampa Bay, like Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Clearwater, St. Petersburg or Brandon, know that dependable Nissan service is just minutes away!

What Should I Do If My Nissan's Check Engine Light Comes On?

There might be several steps you can take on your own if your check engine light does come on. Perform these key tips and see if the light turns off:
  • Check your gas cap
  • Reduce your speed
  • If your Nissan includes the ability to check diagnostic items from inside your car, utilize them
  • Double-check your maintenance records and make sure you are not overdue for an oil change
  • Check your spark plugs to ensure none need replacing
It is likely, but not always the case, that the check engine light is an indicator of a different vehicle issue, like:
  • A misfire
  • Catalytic converter failure
  • Oxygen senor failure
Seek immediate attention if you feel your vehicle is in danger or needs repair right away; do not put yourself, passengers inside the vehicle, and others at risk!

What Does The Check Engine Light Glance Like?

The check engine light in your Nissan could appear different depending on what kind of vehicle you drive. The most common example is an outline of an engine illuminated in yellow or red on your instrument panel, while it may be accompanied with the work "check". Some vehicles have the words "Service Engine Soon", "Check Engine" or a similar message on the panel in red or yellow. Other, more modern vehicles could have the message pop up on the information center above the steering wheel. However, these basically all mean the same thing.