Nissan Brake Rotor Replacement Tampa FL

Signs of Warped, Worn Or Damaged Rotors

You'll want to be on the lookout for these signs or symptoms on your vehicle's brake rotors:
  • Wobbling or shaking vehicle
  • Grinding, whistling, squeaking or squealing sound
  • Vehicle takes longer to stop
At times, the rotors may not even need to be replaced right away. Sometimes, they may need to simply be turned, which means taking a thin layer off of the surface to make it smooth again. This is a less lavish alternative to having them replaced altogther. However, if the rotor is severely warped or corroded (especially if the vehicle has been sitting for a long time), you do need a rotor replacement. Bring your vehicle in to Courtesy Nissan of Tampa immediately for brake rotor replacement, or, if needed, pad replacement. Not sure if it needs replacing outside of that? We perform a multi-point inspection to identify vehicle issues before they crop up.

How Long Do Nissan Brake Rotors Last?

Typically, brake rotors are designed to last up to 30,000 miles, so you are certainly able to make use of them for a relatively long period of time. Of course, depending on driving conditions - especially in situations where you may have to frequently stop the vehicle, like in high-traffic areas - as well as road types you operate your vehicle on, you may be able to get a little extra life out of your rotors or may need to change them a little extra frequently than one does under normal, ideal driving conditions. The team at Courtesy Nissan of Tampa are {{{location>make}}} brake experts, which means that they can identify key issues and recommend repairs or maintenance as needed. See us today if you believe that your brakes are in poor or questionable condition.

What Do Brake Rotors Do?

Brake rotors, also noted as brake discs, are vital to the operation of your brake system. Rotors sit between the wheels and your brake pads; when you engage the brakes on your vehicle, the pads clamp down on the rotors, causing your vehicle to stop. How does it work? Brake fluid passes through your vehicle's master cylinder, with its pressure forcing the brake pads to engage and help your vehicle stop by clamping down on the rotors and creating friction. As you know, friction means heat is expelled, which means that over time, that rotor will become worn and its ability to respond to the heat placed upon it becomes impaired; that, in turn, could cause your brakes to completely fail and put you at the risk of a serious accident, rendering your vehicle unsafe to operate. If you suspect that your rotors need to be replaced, bring it into Courtesy Nissan immediately for a full brake inspection and brake repair. We use genuine Nissan-certified parts, which are specifically designed to work to the precise specifications required for your Nissan. Using aftermarket elements is an option, but for the very first-rate results for your brake system, come in to Courtesy Nissan of Tampa today.