Help! My AC Is Blowing Warm Air!

We are here to help! Courtesy Nissan of Tampa understands the importance of having a fully operating AC system, so if it blows warm air, we can find the problem and get it repaired so you're headed off in comfort. There are various reasons why a car's AC could be blowing warm air. First, it could be low on refrigerant, in which case we will need to have your vehicle undergo an AC recharge to make sure that it has plenty of it available. It could be that the compressor that converts the refrigerant liquid into gas is blocked; if so, we are delighted to perform a repair and make sure that it is working correctly. It could also be due to a damaged fan or an electrical situation, in which case we will need to do a detailed repair to fix any malfunctioning parts.

How Does My Nissan Car's Air Conditioner Work?

You know that a vehicle's air conditioner helps keep you cool in the summer months, but how exactly does this component of your vehicle work? When turning your air conditioner on, a compressor inside the vehicle takes freon (a refrigerating gas) and compresses it, causing its temperature to rise. As it flows through the system (including the condenser), its temperature drops, causing it to become nice and cool as it passes through various components. At the end of the day, while it may go through various parts of your Nissan's A/C system, the end result is a relaxed blast of cool air that comes in handy during those hot, sweaty Tampa Bay days! It's easy to see the effect your air conditioner has, and it's critical to make sure that it's being checked from time to time to ensure that it's in good working order. If your car's air conditioning system is blowing hot air or is otherwise not operating properly, it's time to bring it in to Courtesy Nissan of Tampa for a diagnosis and repair. Let us help you keep your A/C system running like new and running the way it was meant to operate.

Nissan AC Repair and Recharging In Tampa - Near Wesley Chapel, Clearwater and Brandon

If you've been living in Tampa Bay for a while, you understand that it gets hot around here, so turn to Courtesy Nissan for all of your AC repair needs. Courtesy Nissan of Tampa has been serving Nissan drivers like you with top-notch service, maintenance and repair, so if you're facing a situation with your vehicle, visit us today and let us take care of you. Rather than aftermarket parts, we are proud to use only OEM-certified parts here, which means that they are specially designed to work specifically with your vehicle.

What Is A Car AC Recharge, And How Much Does It Cost?

Simply put, an AC recharge consists of refrigerant in your AC being filled up once more; over time, you may run out, which is what causes your AC to run hot and not serve its intended purpose. In some cases, the problem may be that your AC compressor is not working properly, in which case we will repair it to make sure it is working and converting the liquid refrigerant in your vehicle to gas so that your car cools down. If it's working and it's determined that you are indeed low or completely out of refrigerant, we will take what's called a recharge hose, attach it to your AC port and fill it up with refrigerant. Once done, we'll test out your system to make sure that cool air is blowing through the vehicle once more and that you're qualified to drive off the lot in comfort! As for the cost of an AC recharge, we have various money-saving coupons here at Courtesy Nissan designed to help you keep your hard-earned money in your pocket where it belongs!