Section 179 Tax Deductions

Great tax benefits for Nissan owners that use their vehicles for business

As a business owner, you may qualify for great tax incentives!

The IRS tax code includes a provision for vehicle owners that allow them to write off the price of their vehicle every year if it's used for primarily business purposes. This mainly benefits those that drive fleet cars (whether it's a company car or something similar), commercial vans, work trucks and more. Based on your situation as a business owner or business person, your vehicle could qualify when you file taxes next.

How much money can I save?

That depends on how heavy your vehicle is and how much you use it for business. Here are the qualifications based on Section 179 regulations:
-Passenger cars: $11,160/vehicle
-Passenger crossovers, vans and trucks: $11,560/vehicle
-Heavy trucks and commercial vans: $25,000/vehicle
-Businesses can take advantage of up to $1 million per year in incentives for the 2019 tax year and onwards.

Does my Nissan vehicle qualify?

Generally, if your business vehicle is a heavy "non-SUV" and has six feet of length inside that is not easily accessible from the passenger area, or can seat nine or more passengers behind the driver's seat, it should qualify for Section 179 benefits. You may qualify if you drive these vehicles:
-Nissan Titan
-Nissan Titan XD
-Nissan NV Passenger
-Nissan NV Cargo (NV1500, NV2500, NV3500)
-Nissan Armada
-Nissan NV200 Compact Cargo
However, any vehicle unlisted that is used for business 50% or more of the time qualifies as a Section 179-eligible vehicle.

How Do I Purchase A Nissan Commercial Vehicle?

Contact Courtesy Nissan of Tampa today if you're interested in a Nissan Business Certified vehicle and save over $1,000,000 for your business every year! Shop our inventory right now to find the Nissan vehicle that's best for your business today. Also, visit the official Section 179 website to learn more information about the program.

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