Nissan Altima Hood Latch Recall in Tampa

IMPORTANT! 2013, 2014 or 2015 Nissan Altima Owners: you may be affected! For more information, call 866-421-6317 or fill out the form below. Please contact the dealership for parts availability.

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What is a VIN?

The VIN, or vehicle identification number, is unique to each Nissan and appears on all vehicles 1980 and newer. It is made up of a mix of 17 numbers and letters and defines many aspects of the vehicle, like make, engine type, color, model type and year, and others.

Where can I find my VIN?

The VIN is found on the driver's side dashboard. Check for a small, metal plate that should be attached to it - easiest to view through the windshield. All vehicles must have the VIN located here; removing or changing it is illegal. If your vehicle is missing this plate, it has likely been repaired, or, in some cases, stolen.

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View Nissan Hood Latch Recall FAQs Below

Q. Is this a safety recall?

A. Yes, a stop sale is currently in effect.

Q. What is the reason for this safety recall?

A. It's because of a supplier quality issue. There is a possibility that there is an issue with the hood's mechanical binding, causing its secondary hatch to stay open. If the hood is not closed properly or if the primary latch is released inadvertently, it is important that the secondary hatch keeps the hood closed while the vehicle is moving.

Q. What is the possible effect of this condition?

A. On some (not all) vehicles that are affected, we found that customers have accidentally engaged the hood release (which is next to the fuel filler door release near the bottom of the dashboard). If this occurs, if the secondary latch fails to work, the hood could open while the vehicle is open.

Q. What will be the corrective action for this voluntary safety recall campaign?

A. Courtesy Nissan of Tampa will replace the latch and confirm that it is working properly.

Q. How is this recall campaign different than the previous recall?

A. Nissan has amended the previous recall with a new remedy. To ensure customer safety and satisfaction, we are asking affected owners to make an appointment with Courtesy Nissan of Tampa to have this updated repair completed on their vehicle. Even if you had your vehicle serviced due to the previous recall, you must have this service performed as well.

Q. How long will the corrective action take?

A. This should take about an hour to complete. However, check with Courtesy Nissan of Tampa because it could take longer due to their work schedule for that day.

Q. Will a rental vehicle be provided while Courtesy Nissan of Tampa is servicing the vehicle?

A. No. However, if you do need to arrange for alternate transportation, we do have a shuttle service. Check with us in advance to confirm availability - call us at (888) 973-0977.

Q. When will vehicle owners be notified? 

A. You will receive notification in the mail from Nissan beginning the week of February 15th, 2016.

Q. Are parts readily available?

A. Dealers will begin receiving parts during multiple shipments starting January 27th.

Q. Can the hood open while driving if the primary hood latch is engaged?

A. No - the primary hood latch is working properly. This is only regarding the secondary hood latch, and only is of concern if you accidentally engage the primary latch. If not engaged, the secondary latch could not work properly, causing the hood to open while driving.

Q. Is there anything owners can do to mitigate the condition?

A. Check your hood to make sure it is securely closed and latched.

Q. Is my vehicle safe to drive?

A. Yes, but you should contact Courtesy Nissan of Tampa as soon as possible to have your vehicle inspected if you receive an owner notification letter indicating your vehicle is potentially affected. Nissan recommends that you check to ensure the hood is fully closed and latched. Also, we ask that you be careful to pull the fuel door release lever when refueling, and not the hood release lever.

Q. How much is the repair?

A. Free of charge. We will perform the service at no cost to you, and will not charge for parts or labor.

Q. If I purchased my vehicle at Courtesy Nissan of Tampa, do I have to have the service performed there?

A. No. The service can be performed at any authorized Nissan dealer in Tampa Bay or nationwide. For Consumer Affairs: Please inform us of the dealer where you would like to have the corrective action completed.

Q. I have lost confidence in the vehicle. Will Nissan replace or repurchase the vehicle?

A. The repair will ensure the secondary hood latch is operating as designed. As the correct operating condition will be confirmed, there is no basis for repurchasing or replacing your vehicle.

Q. What model year vehicles are involved? 

A. This recall involves Nissan Altimas from model years 2013-2015. However, this is only affecting certain vehicles. You will receive mail notification if yours is one of them.

Q. Are you experiencing this condition on any other Nissan (or Infiniti) models?

A. No.

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