Complimentary Initial Vehicle Diagnosis at Courtesy Nissan of Tampa


Oh no! Your dreaded “Check Engine” light just came on in your vehicle! You think, now I’m going to have to pay for diagnostics to be run just to figure out what issues my car’s experiencing.  Well, good news! Now at Courtesy Nissan of Tampa, that’s no longer the case! We invite you to visit our service department and receive a Complimentary Initial Vehicle Diagnosis. (Do keep in mind that the initial/preliminary diagnosis such as fault code read is complimentary. Additional charges may apply for further diagnostic work.)

Our goal js to give you peace of mind by knowing what’s wrong with your vehicle. So, if your car has the "check engine" light come on, your tire tread is starting to wear thin, or you need a tune up, we can find out what’s going on with your vehicle. In addition, will also assist you by making recommendations to keep you driving around safely.

Here at Courtesy Nissan of Tampa, we’ll provide an in-depth inspection for your vehicle by our trustworthy and professional technicians. Our certified technicians can help assist you. And yes, we’ll provide a preliminary diagnosis on your vehicle’s problems, all for free!

Having a certified technician checking out your vehicle make a huge difference. Why? Well, today’s vehicles are super complex to work on. That means it takes a highly skilled technician with advanced tools to find out the main cause of the problems your vehicle is facing. By having the auto diagnostic testing service done on your vehicle, the guess work can be removed from repairing your vehicle as it provides an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle's engine problems. So, any repairs that need to be done are done correctly, the first time.

Your vehicle is more than just an engine. To make sure that you are driving safely, it's also important to have brakes, tires, and your vehicle aligned properly. It’s truly overwhelming, the amount of working parts in a vehicle. That's why we are here to help!

We invite you to let our service department help you figure out what issues you are having with your vehicle and allow us to help you to ride around town with peace of mind. Schedule your Diagnostic appointment at Courtesy Nissan of Tampa today! We won't let you down, no matter what service your vehicle needs and we'll make sure your car will be ready for the road when you leave.


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