Spring Car Maintenance Tips


The birds are chirping, the leaves are returning, and the flowers are budding! Spring is here! Hooray! So, now that spring has arrived, it’s time to do those things you’ve been putting off. Like giving your car some love. Let’s make sure your vehicle is ready to go now that the weather is turning warmer. Here are our tips for making sure your vehicle is ready for the wonderful spring weather.

Clean Your Car: Take the time to actually clean your car. Head to the nearest car wash and not only wash, but wax your vehicle. It’s time to remove all the debris and grime that’s built up on your car over the colder months that can not only affect the paint, but it can also impact your vehicle’s finish. You should also clean the inside of your car. Take the floor mats out shake them out, vacuum your floor and those tiny crevices, and use upholstery cleaner for stains. Also throw away any trash, and dust off the dash and the console.

A/C Check: Double check to make sure that your car isn’t blowing out hot air. Test the air conditioning system by turning on your A/C at the highest speeds and making sure everything is blowing out cool. If it’s not, get it fixed ASAP!

Inspect Your Wipers: With spring comes rain. Check your wiper blades and look for any cracks or wear and tear. If they don’t look great, replace them.

Check Alignment and Suspension: Roads get harsh in the winter months, thanks to potholes, rocks, and more. All these things can ruin your car’s alignment and suspension. You might have a problem if you notice that the car pulls to one side or the steering wheel vibrates as you drive. Ask for a quick alignment check to fix any issues you may be having.

Need to give your car a good spring cleaning or maintenance once over now that the weather has turned warmer? Schedule an appointment at Courtesy Nissan of Tampa today.

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