Protect Your Vehicle During Hurricanes


It’s scary out there! Hurricane Irma is barreling down towards Florida and more storms are on their way. The time to prepare for these big storms is now!

As soon as you hear that a storm is tracking towards Florida, you need to make sure you stay updated on its current path. As we all know, the track of a hurricane can change dramatically, rapidly. Making sure you are up to date is going to be key. Also, make sure that you have a safety plan in place. Oh and if you do feel that you need to evacuate, make sure you know what the emergency routes you need to take are.

Of course, in addition to protecting your house prior to the storm, you also need to take steps to protect your vehicles as well. We at Courtesy Nissan of Tampa have some helpful tips that you should utilize.

  • Document Your Vehicle: Make sure you take photos of both the interior and exterior of your car prior to the storm. You’ll want to have the most accurate images in case something does happen and you need to contact your insurance company.
  • Fill Up Your Tank: Gas is going to be super important. If your car isn’t at full now, it’s going to be tough to find gas when you need it. Stations run out of gas quickly as a storm approaches and the stations that do have gas have extremely long lines. Make sure you’re all filled up in case you need to leave in an emergency.
  • Find Important Papers: Now is the time to make sure you know where your license and registration is! Make sure you put both in a safe location, preferably in a plastic baggie. In addition, make sure that members of your family who may need to drive have copies of this information too, as well as easy access to your extra keys, just in case.
  • Park Your Car Safely: If you can, make sure your car is in the garage. If you can’t put your car in a garage, at least try to park it as close to a building as possible, so as to protect your vehicle from potentially high winds. If you are leaving your vehicle outside, do not park your car under or near trees or power lines. If those things fall during the storm, your car could be crushed.
  • After the Storm: Once the storm has passed, make sure you check your car for damage. (You know those photos you took prior to the storm? That’s when those will be helpful.)  Also, don’t drive on flooded roads, watch for weakened infrastructure and fallen objects.

You can stay safe from these storms by having a plan and we hope with these tips you’ll have peace of mind. 

For those looking impacted by the recent hurricane, please make sure to check out our hurricane relief page for further assistance. 

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