Nissan is Planning for When Autonomous Vehicles Hit the Roads


You know what? We’re getting closer. Closer to the future becoming reality. What exactly do I mean? Well, have you ever dreamed about maybe working in your car, catching up on that book you’ve wanted to, or just relaxing after a stressful day, but you’ve got to be the one behind the wheel, making it impossible to do those things? Well, like I said, we’re closer than ever to the future becoming reality and Nissan is helping to make that happen. The pace at which automakers and tech companies are introducing vehicle prototypes and automated drive features is accelerating. For some, that’s an exciting proposition, but for others, it’s incredibly scary.

Nissan recently hosted a forum that explored the future of autonomous vehicles in Washington, D.C., which gave lawmakers, regulators and other U.S. government officials a close and reassuring look at how Nissan is in the driver's seat when it comes to automated drive technologies. If you are scared of the prospect of having a car fully drive for you, then Nissan may be able to help squash those insecurities.

Nissan's perspective is different from other approaches that seem focused only on removing the driver from the driving experience. Nissan has a philosophy of not simply replacing the driver in an automated vehicle, instead, Nissan wants to enhance the driver's experience by introducing technologies that make cars more intelligent and more exciting partners.

As technology begins to tackle the complicated task of driving, today's driver will first experience systems assisting them, like the Nissan ProPILOT Assist. The good news is that with this system, the driver remains in full control.

And as lawmakers and others continue to grapple to understand the opportunities, challenges, realities and misconceptions of the future of autonomous vehicles, Nissan wants to help keep the conversation moving forward.

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